BMZ Baltija – wholesale
of metal products

“Prekybos namai BMZ-Baltija” supplies metal products to the Baltic, Nordic as well as other European and African countries.

The Company has been engaged in wholesale of metal products, including construction fittings, wire, metal billets, round steel, grain, seamless pipes, etc., since 2008. We are a reliable business partner committed to ensuring supply of high-quality metal products to our customers operating on the market of industry and construction.
UAB “Prekybos namai BMZ-Baltija” is the official representative of OAO “Belorusskiy metallurgicheskiy zavod” (ОАО “Белорусский металлургический завод”). OAO “Belorusskiy metallurgicheskiy zavod” (ОАО “Белорусский металлургический завод”) has been operating on the market for 35 years and it is the holding company of “Belorusskaya metallurgicheskaya kompaniya” (“Белорусская металлургическая компания”), which manufactures and exports metal products to five continents of the world and over 118 countries.

Trading house BMZ-Baltija

supplies metal products

We quickly respond to changes on the market along with the growing demand for metal products and increasing requirements applicable to the quality of the products:
- we expand the range of the goods;
- we take care of the delivery of high-quality and innovative products;
- we consult customers and help them choose products that fit their needs best.
We are professionals in our field who are very well familiar with the market of industry and construction, we continuously monitor ongoing changes on the market, and understand our customers’ needs. We work with business customers on the basis of pre-orders. Please do not hesitate contacting us: we are eager to offer our advice and help finding the best solutions!